2017 San Diego Pain Summit Conference

Welcome back to the San Diego Pain Summit for another great year! We're in our third year of helping physical and manual therapists learn ways to bridge the chasm between pain science and clinical practice. This year is even better with more interactive discussions and the Networking Event is free!

This conference is for physical therapists, physical therapy students, occupational therapists, physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports therapists, massage therapists


Conference Learning Objectives

  • Classify methods for creating an exercise program (or intervention/treatment plan) that integrates clinically relevant strategies that are meaningful to a patient’s experience.
  •  Identify functional and cognitive rehabilitation strategies for back pain patients.
  •  Analyze how chronic pain is modulated by social factors.
  • Recognize the role of pelvic floor dysfunction in chronic low back pain.
  • Interpret how art can be used for educating patients about pain science.
  • Distinguish effective ways to communicate with colleagues when working from a treatment model based on pain science education.

Physical & Manual Therapy Conference Presenters

Our Speakers. Listen, Learn, & Get Inspired!


Special Guests. Expert Views. Dissecting Tough Topics.


Pain Science Continuing Education

Workshops. Hands-On & Clinical Interactions.

February 7

Functional Therapeutic Movement

with Ben Cormack


February 8 & 9

Cognitive Functional Therapy

with Peter O'Sullivan


February 12 & 13

Applications of Psychosocial Techniques in Pain Practice

with Bronnie Thompson & guest Alison Sim