These programs will not be available for NCBTMB CE's starting 9/01/2017.

Massage Continuing Education Courses Approved by the NCBTMB

Massage education home study programs from prior San Diego Pain Summit conferences.

These have been created by a massage therapist specifically for massage therapists to learn how pain science is both relevant and applicable to their massage practice.

Each program comes with video presentations, quizzes, and downloadable references. After your purchase is made, instructions on how to claim your certificate can be found in the Introduction of the "Path" portion.

Click on the title to purchase and take course.


Packaged Programs


Introduction to Pain Science for Massage Therapists - 3 CEs: $30


  • Crossing the Chasm with Dr. Jason Silvernail
  • Novel Movement with Cory Blickenstaff
  • Making Connections with Diane Jacobs

Applications of Pain Science, part 2 - 5 CE's: $50


  • When Biomechanics Matters by Greg Lehman
  • Practical Pain Science in the Clinic by Sandy Hilton
  • Getting From "Perhaps" To "Yes": Motivation, Confidence And Communication by Bronnie Thompson
  • Challenging the Challenge by Michael Shacklock
  • Willingness to Have Pain & Commitment to Valued Living in Chronic Pain by Kevin Vowles

Single Programs

Practical Pain Science in the Clinic with Dr. Sandy Hilton. 1 CE: $10

Challenging the Challenge with Michael Shacklock. 1 CE: $10

Getting From "Perhaps" to "Yes"; Motivation, Confidence, & Communication with Bronnie Thompson. 1 CE: $10

Willingness to Have Pain & Commitment to Valued Living in Chronic Pain with Dr. Kevin Vowles. 1 CE: $10



See this? These are fantastic. I don’t need credits but took this offer up because I was disappointed to not be able to take part (even online) in this summit as I was in surgery. I’ve watched just two of the lectures in part one of these course and I have to say it’s the best $30 (even if it is American) I’ve spent in a LONG time - and there’s still two more lectures left. I highly recommend RMTs take this offer up. Well worth the money and the time and I just can’t see how watching these talks WON’T somehow make you a better therapist!
— Chrystal Lad, Registered Massage Therapist, BC, Canada
I do not endorse other people’s classes very often, but I will recommend this one. I just completed it and I feel a little smarter now! If you do not have an understanding of current pain science, this course is the place to start.
— Laura Allen, Massage Educator & Business Owner
This is an excellent format for learning. These videos are directly from the San Diego Pain summit. The teachers are personable and interesting presenters. The class is easy to navigate and customers service was great
— Pete Whitridge, faculty member and former Director of Education for the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL