Hi! I’m Jo

I am a nature lover, a pretty good cook, an amateur photographer, a science geek, a bibliophile, an appreciator of art and music and all forms of creative expression. I like to move and be active, preferably outside. I walk a lot. I think a lot. I write a lot.

I have chronic pain.

Back in January of 2010, I stepped off a fire engine awkwardly on a routine call and injured my hip. Little did I know that what I initially thought was a minor injury would lead to months of various therapies, treatments, and eventual surgery, to a medical retirement from my job as a firefighter, and to an ongoing experience of pain.

I struggled for a long time. I felt lost, scared, confused, uncertain. I didn’t know who I was when I was suddenly no longer a firefighter. I lost my identity, my sense of purpose, my career, myself. All I thought about was pain.

But I gradually came to realize that I could lead a meaningful life, that we all can lead a meaningful life, no matter our current situation. That the rhythms of life, the rhythms I feel most strongly through movement, creativity, mindfulness, love, and adventure, are still present, even in the presence of pain.

Jo's blog, My Cuppa Jo, is a great resource of inspiration and knowledge to help people who live with chronic pain.