How do I register for the Summit?

Registration is easy! Click the items you would like to order and the registration form will pop up for you at checkout. Click here to go to registration pagePlease note that registration fees are not accepted at the door for presentations or the workshops.

What are the dates for the 2018 Summit?

The 2018 Summit is a week-long event. Dates for workshops and presentations are as follows:

Feb. 6 - 9: workshops, Feb. 10 & 11: 2 day presentations. A more detailed schedule will be posted by late summer. Make sure to check the schedule on a regular basis.

What does registration include?

It depends on which event you want to attend, each event is purchased separately. If you are taking a workshop, you get a discount on the conference presentations. The workshops and presentations are separate events.

You are not required to attend the 2 day conference portion to take a workshop and vice versa.

Can I register at the door?

Registration is not taken at the door, this is because all names must be accounted for before the event starts so that lanyards, padfolios, and check in lists are ready on the first day. The Summit is mostly managed by one person and it is easier for organization if registration is made in advance.

Online registration will close at 11:59am PST on Feb. 5, 2018

Can you offer student discounts?

Yes! There is an offer for students of physical therapy and 1st year physical therapy practitioners. This offer allows for 30 seats to be sold for only $200. If you are a PT student or a 1st year clinician, click here to learn more about this offer.

 Are there continuing education credits?

Each year has seen continuing education credits. Stay tuned to find out what credits are offered with the 2018 Summit. For the 2018 Summit, the projected CEU's will be via the CPTA for California based physical therapists.

If you are coming from another state, many state boards allow their members to submit certificates for continuing education. You will need to check with your board.

What is the difference between the Live-Streaming package and the Basic package Videos?

With the Live-Streaming package you get to watch all the presentations in real time, participate in the Q&A's after each speaker, win prize drawings, and receive a copy of the recordings to view at any time. The Live-Stream is usually approved for continuing education via the CPTA for California based physical therapists.

The basic video package is the presentation videos only.

Will the workshops be video taped?

No, only the 2 days of presentations are videoed.

Can I get a refund if I have an emergency and need to cancel my attendance?

The refund policy can be found on the registration form and also at the bottom of the registration page. If you do end up needing to cancel past the refund date, you will be given access to the Live-Stream Package or the Basic Recording package.

What are some materials I can read to prepare for the conference?

The presenters of the San Diego Pain Summit are aware the audience represents a variety of professions and they structure their presentations to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the event. It isn't necessary to study or read anything to get value from the event.

Check out the Recommended Reading page for extra reading and podcast material: http://sandiegopainsummit.com/reading/

Will meals be served?

There are no meals served during the entire conference, except for the Networking Event. There are several restaurants located within walking distance and adequate time is given to eat lunch.

How can I connect with other attendees for possible hotel/ride share?

There is a Ride/Hotel Share Facebook page, you must be logged in to Facebook to access this page. It is set to private, so you will need to request to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1034146936617950/

Where can I learn about the schedule of events?

A detailed schedule will be added in mid to late summer 2017 for 2018. Once the schedule is up, it can be found at the top of the home page by clicking the "Schedule" tab. The schedule is also uploaded in printable format to be downloaded and printed.

Where can I learn about the conference venue?

All information about San Diego, the conference venue, lodging, can be found on this page: http://sandiegopainsummit.com/where-to-stay/

Where can I sign up if I'm interested to speak at a future Summit?

Thank you for your interest! If you would like to be considered as a speaker in the future, please complete the form on this page: http://sandiegopainsummit.com/speaker-submission/

If you haven't attended or watched a prior Summit, it is recommended to order previous years videos to get an idea of what the Summit is about. Videos can be ordered here: https://www.sandiegopainsummit.com/education-videos