The Summit is very thankful for the volunteers (who enjoy returning each year) who help with the main event. And for the vocal support of the healthcare community, which grows louder each passing year. The Summit is still mostly organized and managed by one person generally without the aid of corporate sponsorship.

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A must- attend conference for any clinician that helps people in a pain. Excellent organisation, video streaming and support pre and post conference. Not only a stunning line up of industry leaders in evidence-based pain management, but networking and community building activities that will enable you to return to your clinic with new knowledge, tools and contacts to do the best for people recovering from the burden of persisting pain.
— Lissanthea Taylor, physiotherapist
The San Diego Pain Summit is engaging, informative, and intimate, allowing ample time for meaningful networking and discussion of the information presented. With the linear format you never have to pick between two presentations you want to see and you get to know the speakers and fellow attendees in ways I’ve never experienced at a professional conference. The information presented is current, relevant, and accessible, the setting is phenomenal, and the people are it’s best asset.
— Joletta Belton, blogger MyCuppaJo
This event is the pinnacle of interdisciplinary education and community for any and all stakeholders in pain. Patients, Clinicians, & Researchers representing every branch of manual therapy and beyond come together and share cutting edge wisdom, meaning insights, and genuine comradery. The online and multimedia facets of this event bring an already high water mark event right over the top. Could not suggest this event more highly.
— Brian Rutledge, massage therapist
I’m a RN turned Personal Trainer and I attended the 2017 Summit. Immediately I was blown away by the warmth and friendliness of the entire community. It was so evident that everyone shared a curiosity for learning and engaging in the frontier of helping people who are in pain.

Disability because of pain is such a problem and often a mystery that our shared empathy toward those suffering makes us look for better questions. Yes, we want answers, but this conference showed me that personhood and relationship are so key in healing professions, education, and in the experience of the patient with pain. I’m very excited to witness the shifting sands of how we respond to pain.

The experts who presented clearly communicated the complexity of pain but also provided a more complete and integrated approach to help lessen the personal, social, and economic burdens that often come with it.

I am recommending the summit to my colleagues and those in my industry, and I can’t wait to attend in 2018!
— Marianne Kane, personal trainer