2016 Pain Science Continuing Education Conference


~ Keynote Dr. Robert Sapolsky didn't allow the distribution of his 1 hr presentation, but the 30 min Q&A is included in this video series.

~ Placebo and Nocebo: Different Contexts, Different Pains by Fabrizio Benedetti, Ph.D.

~ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In A Manual Therapy Setting by Alison Sim

~ The Professionalization of Massage Therapy through Integration with Pain Science by Ravensara Travillian, Ph.D.

~ Willingness To Have Pain and Commitment To Valued Living In Chronic Pain by Kevin Vowles, Ph.D.

~ Getting From "Perhaps" To "Yes": Motivation, Confidence And Communication by Bronnie Lennox Thompson, Ph.D.

~ Clinical Application of the Pain Paradigm: Challenging the Challenge by Michael Shacklock, DipPhysio, MAppSc, FACP

~ Practical Pain Science in the Clinic by Sandy Hilton, DPT, MSc

~ Insights On Movement From A Feldenkrais Perspective by Todd Hargrove

Master of Ceremony: Jason Erickson


Nik Gervae, a Feldenkrais practitioner and 3 year attendee of the SDPS, shares his thoughts about the entire week (including about his workshop experience) at the 2016 Summit.


Dr. Karen Litzy of Health, Wealthy, & Smart set up a free podcast during the 2016 SDPS.

In this podcast, Paul Lagerman, the Naked Physio, and Dr. Karen Litzy co-host a panel discussion live from the San Diego Pain Summit in San Diego, California. The panel consisted of Professor Michael Shacklock, Dr. Bronnie Thompson, Dr. Greg Lehman, Dr. Sandy Hilton, and Dr. Ravensara Travillian.

2016 Summit Workshops

Upper Body Neurodynamics w/Michael Shacklock

Acceptance, Commitment, & Awareness Therapy w/Dr. Kevin Vowles

Feldenkrais w/ Todd Hargrove

Media support:

Karen Litzy of Healthy, Wealthy & Smart

Keith Eric Grant of Ramblemuse

Nick Ng of Massage & Fitness Magazine

Joletta Belton of My Cuppa Jo